About Litchfield Housing Trust (LHT)

Over the past twenty-five years, Litchfield housing prices have increased much faster than median incomes. Litchfield has always been a community affordable to a diverse income population, and well represented by individuals and families or all age ranges. The lack of affordable housing has been especially difficult for young families.The majority of area jobs, including essential services jobs, offer wage and income levels well below that needed to afford housing in our community. The Trust was created to strengthen our community by advocating, facilitating, and developing housing that encourages diversity.

Our Current Board:

Robert Petricone, President; Joyce Briggs, Vice-President; Barbara Brower, Secretary; Rene Fisher, Treasurer; Terry Sheron; Kelli Green; Miles Borzilleri; John Baker; Cleveland Fuessenich; Peter Gay; Jeffery Zullo; Mark Murphy; Tim Breslin; Stacie Kavle and Louis Donne.

Jill Groody Musselman, Executive Director

Our Mission:

Litchfield Housing Trust, Inc. (LHT) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to ensure that Litchfield (Litchfield, Bantam and Northfield) always has homes available for people of a diverse income range.