2017 Annual Newsletter

The Spring 2017 Litchfield Housing Trust Newsletter is published.  This edition includes important information about the Trust and its activities…

Dear Members and Friends of the Housing Trust,

There are times when a quotation best conveys my message and that is the situation I find myself in now. So, let me quote in its entirety an unsolicited letter we received from a family who recently purchased a Housing Trust sponsored scattered site home:

“I just wanted to touch base quickly and let you know that our family is loving our home.  All three kids are thriving at center school and we are very excited for our first Christmas. I often think about how the life we are living now would be impossible without LHT and I think that deserves recognition. what you guys provide to family like us is remarkable and I am still not sure I fully grasp the enormity of it. I will say with 100% certainty that everybody in our house has a much higher quality of life thanks to Litchfield housing trust. Anyways, not trying to be a brown noser – but ya gotta give thanks where it’s due. and you guys are due many. Happy holidays to you and your family, and thank you very much for the opportunity you have given ours.”

And that letter expresses what we are all about – So that young people do not have to move from Litchfield to start their families; so, that people who work in Town also can live and raise their families here; so, that Litchfield will be a diverse community.

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